How-To Fit a Honda Front Lip On a Subaru

How-To Fit a Honda Front Lip On a Subaru

When it comes to the later L style / Canadian 2.5RS front bumper, there are not a whole lot of front lip options to choose from. Some people have made USDM 2.5rs / JDM v5-6 front lips work and even some Bugeye front lips, but there are more options– you just have to look to Honda.

94-95 Honda Accord Mugen style front lip
I had originally ordered a lip for a 1992 Honda Accord since the fitment of those are pretty spot on, but the company sent me the wrong lip. Oh, well– I made it work. The problem with the Accord front lip is that it is longer than the bumper.

honda front lip fitment on 99 subaru

honda front lip overhanging on subaru impreza bumper
No biggie, I just busted out the Dremel and fixed that issue.

end section cut off of honda accord front lip

The tape helped to guide me, as well as made for a little bit smoother of a cut.

honda accord front lip fluch with subaru impreza bumper

Close enough for this guy.

nut bolt and washer set with honda accord front lip on subaru impreza bumper

The kit came with nice nuts, bolts and washers to secure the front lip to the bumper. I honestly wasn’t expecting that for a ~$70 shipped front lip. The next step is seeing how long I can go before I end up ripping it off..
I love the look of it though.

Here is the final product of a Honda Accord Front Lip on a
Subaru Impreza L Bumper :

subaru impreza wagon with turbo kit

custom rwd subaru impreza with honda front lip

lowered subaru impreza and lifted subaru impreza wagon

rwd turbo subaru impreza with a honda accord front lip in the car wash

rwd turbo subaru impreza wagon


Last year I ran a 1992 Honda Accord Type-R style for a little while :

rwd subaru impreza wagon in montana

honda accord type r front lip on subaru impreza l bumper


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