#Projectslidewags New Age – RWD Subaru Impreza Wagon

#Projectslidewags New Age – RWD Subaru Impreza Wagon

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous day. Blue sky, sun shining, no wind and the entrancing sound of silence– that is until I fired up the wagon. I found myself downtown very early and it led me to a parking garage of all places.

rwd subaru impreza wagon in parking garage

We had a meet at this garage the other night and it hit me that I hadn’t done an automotive photoshoot in a parking garage in longer than I could even remember. I seized the opportunity fully to capture all of the new modifications on the rwd wagon.
This is her official debut.

rwd subaru impreza wagon with canards

Not only does the electrical tape add a certain level of racecar appeal to the wagon, but it is also for function. ::facepalm::
It is holding the corner light in quite nicely on the driver’s side. Broken tabs are no bueno.

subaru impreza wagon top down

I had been neglecting the wagon for years while I transitioned into Montana life, as well as progress in my business endeavors. Last year I made the jump and embraced the rear-wheel-drive life. One of the best decisions that I’ve made thus far.

top down view of subaru impreza wagon

She is in no way perfect, but she holds her own. Form, function… fun. She’s a triple-F-threat

nose of a gc8 subaru impreza

There is just something about the lines on a first-generation Impreza that grabs my attention and never releases.

subaru impreza wagon with fender flares

The front-end has the most appeal, but I can definitely appreciate the long lines of a wagon.

canards and fender flares on subaru impreza wagon

It’s crazy to see how much a wheels, flares, a lip and canards can do to transform a vehicle. Not that it is surprising– but I just never imagined that the wagon would ever look like this.

side profile of a rwd subaru impreza wagon

This is the side that I was t-boned in 7 years ago. I had replaced the door, but the rear quarter panel was so mangled that the only way to fix it would have been to cut it out and weld in an entire new section. Even the rocker panel is pretty gnarly. Fortunately, the fender flares don’t make it look half bad now.

drifz 308 b wheels on a subaru impreza

I definitely feel like I made the correct decision by investing in 16 inch wheels over 17 inch. It allows for plenty of meat on the tires, as well as a more period correct feel, in my opinion.

rear shot of fender flares on subaru impreza wagon

The rear end always seemed to lack compared to the front end of these cars. Yes, a rear diffuser would help out there– someday there will be one. Maybe an aggressive upper spoiler would do the trick? I have some ideas in my mind to fabricate one. But, I feel like over the years and all of the transformations, it is beginning to hold its own.

rear end of a rwd subaru impreza wagon

I mean– just look at that booty though. Aggressive or not, it is at least plump.

subaru impreza outback sport wagon

For the people that are just joining me on the wagon journey– this is what the wagon looked liked when I picked her up on June 26, 2007. Completely stock and she has transformed over the years with the hands and expertise of my friends and I.

I could not be more appreciative of all of the people that have been part of this build. From friends wrenching, to just hanging out and eating pizza– it all counts.

Photos are 2400px on the largest side. If you are interest in a wallpaper– just click on one.

Build Thread / Videos


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  1. Please let me know what kind of fender flares and canards you have. I have looked everywhere and I need some for my 99 legacy gt wagon.

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